Eye Surgery Clinics

Eye surgery, medically referred to as orogolomistician or ocular surgery, is surgery performed on the eye. Eyes are extremely sensitive organs that need very good care during their life time. If eye surgery needs to be performed, make sure that it is done by an ophthalmologist, a specialist eye surgeon.

Eye Surgery Clinics

The main reasons for eye surgery are laser eye surgery, where short- or farsightedness is rectified; cataract surgery, cataracts being most regularly found in the elderly; and glaucoma surgery, which is when you fully lose sight in one or both of your eyes due to other medical conditions such as diabetes. 

Eye Surgery Clinics

There are many eye surgery clinics across the UK.  These usually specialise in laser eye treatment, known as LASEK or LASIK eye surgery, an often cosmetic procedure to restore 20-20 vision in both your eyes. 

For more specialised clinics that offer surgery on eyes due to medical conditions, there are eye hospitals available across the country.  These offer emergency treatment as well referrals and self-referrals.  Your GP will often be the one who refers you should you have an issue that requires eye surgery.

Eye Surgery Clinics Procedures and Costs

If you are referred by a GP to a specialised eye surgery hospital, your costs should be covered by the NHS or your private health insurance.  Procedures will vary depending on what it is you need doing.  Eye surgery is almost always carried out under local anaesthetic, meaning you will be awake during the procedure.

LASEK or LASIK eye surgery is generally a procedure you will need to finance yourself.  Costs usually vary from £400 to £1500 per eye.  Generally, the more your eye needs to be corrected, the more expensive the treatment it.  However, more and more people are interested in LASEK or LASIK and many surgeries will now have special offers.  Most companies will offer you a free consultation, where you will be advised of the cost of the procedure you require.

Eye Surgery Clinics Locations

Specialised eye surgery needs to be done in an eye hospital, which can be found across the country.  Most areas of the UK will have a specialised eye hospital, such as Sunderland; or specialised departments within their hospitals, such as Middlesbrough.  LASEK or LASIK treatment needs to be done in a private clinic.  Due to its popularity, clinics that perform this type of eye surgery are found in many places now.

So, if you have been referred by your GP or other health care professional, you are most likely to have eye surgery done at a hospital, where the costs will be covered by the NHS or your health insurance.  For LASEK or LASIK treatment, you will need to find a private facility and the costs will be yours to pay.  However, make sure you do some research as there will be many places offering special deals; some also offer finance plans, so you are able to spread the cost of your procedure.  Many people have spoken of the wonders of suddenly having 20-20 vision and not ever needing glasses or contact lenses again.