Eye Surgery

Eye surgery is now becoming an operation that many people have decided to undergo as an alternative to wearing glasses.  There are however a number of other conditions that need surgery and these are not ones that are a matter of choice.  There are other names for eye surgery so if you hear that someone is about to undergo orogolomistician surgery or ocular surgery this is what it means.

Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery Clinics

Opticians will not carry out eye surgery so there will be the need to find a clinic.  In many cases the NHS will carry out the procedure but the amount of time that the appointment takes to come through can make some people decide to look elsewhere.  There will be a charge when visiting these clinics but the cost may be worth it to make sure you are treated when you want and where you want.  In some cases there is no option as some laser surgery is classed as cosmetic as it will take away the need to wear glasses.  As this is not a health issue the NHS won’t carry them out free of charge.

Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

Procedures and costs will vary from clinic to clinic and there are plenty of them across the United Kingdom.  Most will have a website so you will be able to fully research who is going to be doing the surgery and how much you will have to pay.  Examples of the types of procedure that is carried out regularly are cataracts and cornea reshaping.
Treatment for cataracts:-

  • Here there is a milky film removed from the eyeball.  This will have been making vision difficult and the improvements will be seen within days of the bandages being removed.  The cost here is normally in the region of £1,100 to £1,400 depending on the clinic visited.

Treatment for cornea reshaping:-

  • Cornea reshaping is the procedure that will mean there is no longer the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.  In some clinics this form of eye surgery will cost in the region of £395 per eye.  It is possible to have eyes done separately and in some cases this is recommended.

Eye Surgery Locations

There are clinics all over the country so wherever you live it will be possible to be treated near to where you live.  As surgeons realise that people will want to be with their families when they have had an operation, they will normally do some of the laser treatment as a day case.

There will be many things that cannot be done for some time after the surgery but this is to be expected.  It may not mean that the surgery is dangerous but there has been trauma to the eye and it needs time to heal before it can be used as much as it used to be.  Very often it is the case that very energetic things take months rather than days to get back to normal so things such as contact sports comes into this category.